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Network Infrastructure Solutions

Reliable, Robust Platforms for Successful Businesses

Networking for Improved Operational Efficiencies

Unifi Communications help our clients transition their corporate network to create a converged wired and wireless environment that is capable of supporting the rapidly increasing requirements for greater bandwidth. Developments like unified communications, collaboration and video conferencing, data centre virtualisation, mobility, and cloud computing are changing the way companies interact with their employees, partners, and customers.
This is resulting in a renewed focus on how the network platform supports how the business operates, and for many organisations, updating their network infrastructure is now the most important priority.

Networking: how Unifi Communications can help

The network is core to the success of your IT strategy, forming the communication platform upon which your business is based. Without the right infrastructure in place, you can’t operate productively or profitably. Unifi Communications' Network Solutions: -
  • Support next-generation technologies such as video conferencing
  • Support greater flexibility with wireless
  • Support higher amounts of data transfer
  • Increase network security
  • Support access to an increasing number and types of devices
  • Improve data back-up and recovery

Complete Network Support

The importance and complexity of networks means that processes and technologies are always evolving. Unifi Communications offers impartial advice to help you find the right networking solutions for your business. We will assess your hardware, software, network design, equipment life cycles, and support coverage. This allows us to make fully informed recommendations based on industry best practice. Unifi Communications then provides a full range of services, and our expert team are able to design, implement and support our clients’ complete LAN, WLAN and WAN infrastructure requirements.
If you require advice on networking solutions for your business, please get in touch to find out more about how Unifi Communications can help.