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Unified Communications

Comprehensive and Effective Collaboration Solutions

Unified Communications - Enhance your Productivity

Unifi Communications understand that unified communications is an increasingly important investment for businesses looking to improve productivity and responsiveness while reducing IT costs. We are committed to designing and deploying a collaboration solution that enables your business to communicate more productively.
The concept of a traditional workspace has changed – successful companies no longer confine their employees to the four walls of their office. Our Unified Communications solutions bring people together, enabling them to communicate and collaborate from anywhere, anytime, across any device. Unifi Communications’ unified communications solutions converge voice, video, and data communications by harnessing the capabilities of powerful, IP-enabled communications technologies, which simplifies making calls, sending instant messages, or joining audio or video conferences.
Unified Communications improves the mobility and manageability of any organisation, making it more responsive and agile – and ultimately more competitive, efficient and productive.

Experienced Unified Communications Solution Provider

At Unifi Communications, we have a deep understanding and experience of all the products available and we know how to integrate them for the benefit of your business. It might be located on your premises, out-sourced, hosted or delivered as a service or it may be a solution from Cisco or from Microsoft: whatever makes most sense for your business. Investing in collaboration solutions that match the culture of your organisation is vital to the long-term viability of the solution.
Unifi Communications' approach is to use advanced technologies to make collaboration simpler, not more complicated. It encompasses:
  • Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and SIP
  • Audio and Video Conferencing
  • Presence and Instant messaging
  • Smartphone and tablet video and voice integration
  • Desktop to desktop video
  • Customer Care
  • Web conferencing

Unified Communications that Enhance your Productivity

Starting at the design phase through to operational support, Unifi Communications ensure that collaboration delivers real benefits to your business, to allow staff to work more flexibly and productively. No two businesses are the same or have the same requirements so we don't try and shoehorn a solution that doesn't fit your business. Our team has expertise across devices and platforms so we design solutions tailored to your organisation’s requirements
To prepare your infrastructure, we carry out extensive system audits, analysing the existing infrastructure and identifying any necessary upgrades and technologies that are right for your business. We operate a vendor-agnostic policy, working with the market-leading hardware and software providers to deliver high quality and reliable solutions which match your operational needs. Unifi Communications offers comprehensive support for the world’s leading vendors, including Cisco, Microsoft, Polycom, Mitel, Avaya and Huawei.
Unifi Communications is a certified Cisco Collaboration Partner and an established Microsoft Lync Partner
If you require advice on unified communication solutions for your business, please get in touch to find out more about how Unifi Communications can help.