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Unified Messaging

Simple Unified Messaging for Enhanced Collaboration

Unifi recommend Cisco unified messaging and voice mail solutions to provide your users with flexible message access options with simple management.
Cisco Unity Connection lets users access and manage messages from an email inbox, web browser, Cisco Jabber, Cisco Unified IP Phone, smartphone, or tablet. Unity Connection also provides flexible message access and delivery format options, including support for voice commands, speech-to-text transcription, and even video greetings.
Cisco Unity Connection is highly secure. It is designed for complex distributed global deployments with support for high availability, redundancy, and branch office survivability. It is fully virtualized, and can be run on specification-based hardware.
Unity Connection is easily deployed, provisioned, monitored and managed using Cisco Prime Collaboration, our single application for unified management of the entire voice and video deployment.

Cisco Unity Connection Benefits

Cisco Unity Connection boasts a comprehensive feature set that includes numerous benefits, some of which are listed below.
  • Fast, Flexible User Access to Messages
  • Users can save time and increase productivity with quick and efficient access to messages, from the devices and applications they use, delivered in the format they want.
  • Simple and Cost-Effective Administration and Management
  • Unity Connection is virtualized, flexible, and easily integrated into diverse network and application environments.
  • Unity Connection is managed (including provisioning, service activation, monitoring, performance analysis and reporting, upgrade and migration management, and license management) by Prime Collaboration. This same application manages the entire Cisco voice and video deployment.
  • Highly Secure, Scalable, and Compliant
  • Flexible in size and scale, Unity Connection is the unified messaging solution consistently selected by mid-size and global corporations, government agencies, and the security conscious since 2005.